Affiliate program


How does the affiliate program work?

1. Select the tool with which you want to earn.

We offer a wide range of banners and pages "landing page" thanks to which you will save your time and money.

Ready and adapted to the "copy-paste" method Advertising banners are promotional graphics specially prepared for marketing. They have been designed in such a way to meet the requirements of even the most difficult customers. If you want you can use your own graphics or other methods using the affiliate link.

The landing page is a ready-made webpage that encourages users not only to look but also the practicality of using them. Choose yourself how you want to encourage users to use our exchange, buy an interesting domain that you can promote and build its position on the web.

2. Promote!

Are you an owner of a large website? Do you train people and thanks to that you have lots of contacts? Or maybe you just have a large group of friends who are interested in cryptocurrencies?

The choice of the target group depends only on you! Start working with us and become our partner.

We offer the best conditions on the market:

25% of the commission collected from your clients goes to your balance.
Do you want to know how it goes? Use the statistics function and confirm your prediction with maths.
Are you afraid that it will take you too much time? Do not worry. We have prepared for you a wide range of tools that will make promoting a pure pleasure
You can use the funds you earn in any way: withdraw, use on the exchange or hold and wait for price increases.
With you earn in every currency! Commissions that we charge goes to you in the same cryptocurrency/fiat we charged

3. Monetize your profit or wait for increases

What can you do with your earned funds on You will do whatever you wish!

Trade with funds that you earned
Withdraw cryptocurrencies/fiats and come back to us whenever you are ready to trade
HODL - you can leave your funds on the exchange and trade with them on any moment you want. Remember that we store your funds in a safe place - on Cold Wallets (offline wallet)

Didn’t we convince you? Write to us at [email protected] and tell us what we could change to make you feel good on