We are aware that running a cryptocurrency exchange is a huge responsibility, both financial and technological. For this reason, we have prepared a series of protections for you that will allow you to sleep peacefully without worrying about your funds.


1. Cryptocurrencies

We keep all your funds on cold wallets which means nothing more than that they are offline, disconnected from the Internet.

2. Fiat currency (PLN, EUR, USD).

The Fiat currency you leave with us is placed on accounts in several banks.

In addition, each of the banks with whom we cooperate has been informed about the nature of the operations of our exchange, which eliminates the risk of uncertainty in relations with banks.

3. Your account.

The account you have on our website deserves the best possible protection. We have launched a multistage verification process especially for you, which prevents third parties from withdrawing funds from your account. With each withdrawal you will be asked to enter the code from the Google Authenticator, which is assigned to your smartphone. In addition each withdrawal must be confirmed by a one-time token sent to your email address.

If you lose your phone we offer help 24/7/365 - we work even on Sundays and holidays, please report us the problem as soon as possible to the email address

4. Website and database

The security measures we introduced on the website of our exchange have been verified and checked at every possible angle. Awareness of the importance of the database and the information it contains allowed us to configure access to it so that no unauthorized person or malware could access it. We make several dozen copies of the database daily and each of them is stored on encrypted storage.

5. Https: //

Each connection from an external computer that is made with our exchange is encrypted. At the same time it improves all security systems we have applied as well as the efficiency of the entire stock exchange.

00000110. Penetration tests and constant care.

Our stock exchange has been subjected to penetration tests consisting an attempt to break our system. Independent specialized IT specialists from two different companies tried to break in and steal as much data from us as possible and detect system errors. We've patched every even the smallest hole on the site.

We are already sure that our exchange is safe and there is no way to break into it from outside.

7. Legal protection.

The legal security and legality of is supervised by lawyers with whom we have signed a permanent contract. Thanks to this you can be sure that our exchange will not disappear from the market due to legal and administrative omissions. Cryptocurrencies and programming are our specialty, not the letter of law, which is why we have decided to cooperate with professionals in this field.

Remember that Sp. z o. o. is registered in Poland. This provides you with full protection of the rights and a high level of quality of the services we provide.